ROC-RK3308-CC 256M/8GB

ROC-RK3308-CC 256M/8GB

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ROC-RK3308-CC 256M/8GB

ROC-RK3308-CC 256M/8GB Quad-Core 64-Bit open source AIoT motherboard


It is a miniature and compact main board which is equipped with a cost-effective RK3308 Core Processor and a high-performance CODEC. It can support various artificial intelligence and IOT operating systems, and can be configured with six microphone array board and POE expansion board. ROC-RK3308-CC is a kind of AI+IOT open source main board incorporating many kinds of functions.


ROC-RK3308-CC 256M/8GB 


Cost-effective Quad-core Processor

It's equipped with cost-effective RK3308 64-Bit Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A35 processor, frequency up to 1.3GHz, and with high-performance CODEC and VAD, which can be used for development of the smart audio solution, automatic speech recognition, etc.


ROC-RK3308-CC 256M/8GB 

Support Operating Systems And Services

ROC-RK3308-CC supports the Buildroot system now and is about to support ROS, AliOS Things and other operating systems. The voice service function supports three-voice suits: Baidu DuerOS, AISpeech, iFLYTEK, and will support Amazon Alexa later. Rich operating system/service support for AIOT development and product application easily.


ROC-RK3308-CC 256M/8GB 

Configure Far-field Microphone Array Board

It can be configured with a far-field microphone array board, including 6 digital microphones, 12 three-color LEDs, 5 keys. It supports keyword wakeup, echo cancellation and noise reduction, VAD (Voice Activation Detection) and sound source location etc., which can significantly improve the accuracy and precision of automatic speech recognition.

ROC-RK3308-CC 256M/8GB

Support MCU Display Screen

The main board can support MCU Display Screen with the maximum resolution of 480P, which can make display simpler and more convenient.

ROC-RK3308-CC 256M/8GB

Rich Expansion Interfaces

Equipped with 40Pin expansion interfaces, including I2C x 3, LCD, PWM x 3, SPI x 1, I2S x 1, SPDIF RX, UART x 2 (one UART is used as Debug) and other interfaces, and can support POE expansion.

ROC-RK3308-CC 256M/8GB

Open SDK

Open SDK, tutorials, technical materials and development tools to make development easier and more convenient.


ROC-RK3308-CC 256M/8GB 


ROC-RK3308-CC 256M/8GB



RK3308 (28nm process)


Quad-core Cortex-A35, frequency up to 1.3GHz

RAM Support 128MB-512MB DDR3

NandFlash: Support 128MB, 256MB

eMMC: Support 4GB-128GB

SPI Flash:16MB ~512 MB

Support MicroSD (TF) Card Slot expansion

Hardware Features

100M Ethernet (RJ45 interface)

WiFi/ Bluetooth

Support 802.11 b/g/n protocol, support Bluetooth 4.2


Support 8-bit MCU Display Screen, of which the resolution is up to 480P


With built-in audio CODEC, including ADC×8 and DAC×2


USB 2.0 × 1、OTG × 1(Type-C)


Debug UART×1, be used for development and debugging


Recovery × 1


POE (IEEE802.3AT standard)

I2C×3 (iomux), UART×2 (one is for Debug), SPI×1, PWM×3

I2S×1 (iomux), LCD (8-bit MCU)


Microphone Array

Module pattern: Circular

Number of array element: 6

Module size: Diameter of 86mm

Wakeup distance: > 20m

Identification distance: > 5m

Signal-to-noise ratio: SNR > 63dB

Operating temperature: -20°C - 80°C

Sound source location: Horizontal 360°

Location accuracy: ±12°

Support keyword wakeup, sound source location, noise suppression and VAD

System/ software

Support Buildroot,

Support the conversational artificial intelligence operating system: DuerOS,

Amazon AVS(Alexa Voice Service),

Ali embedded operating system of IOT: AliOS Things,

Open source robot operating system: ROS (Robot Operating System)


85 mm × 56 mm

ROC-RK3308-CC 256M/8GB


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